CNC Single Part Set up Fee

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This will cover a single-part program setup fee. ie. Call barrel or Call insert. if need both increase quantity to two. we will ship a sample in white Delrin back in 1-2 weeks.

Barrels (goose/duck)- will cover interior boring (if not already) profile turning, and Band tendon with gluing grooves. or goose insert tenon with o-ring grooves. Barrels over 3.25" will incur extra fees as they will take longer to machine. 

Duck inserts- will cover the boring depth of the tone board channel, profile turning, and reaming of the exhaust, tone board tendon, and o-ring grooves if applicable. its recommended to keep the Toneboard tenon at 2.10"

If you just want to have the profile turned and 1/2" or 5/8" bored for a sleeving Tenon please advise that! we may be able to provide a discount per piece as this will reduce the CNC time. we recommend Pintail Waterfowl for your sleeving needs! 

we do not at this time offer Toneboard milling services (maybe one day!). it is our goal to deliver an insert ready for you to throw and a jig and get to tuning asap!

material will come off the CNC fairly smooth, but in order to get a glass-like finish polishing is recommended... polishing services are available for acrylic, depending on the shape of the call this is $1-$2 extra. 

Please ship a sample of your call or provide a detailed blueprint,(a sketch with measurements will suffice). we will ship it back with the sample... or if granted we can add it to our shop's customer showcase!